You have decided you want to learn to understand your body. Maybe you want a natural form of birth control, but are not sure where to start, or maybe you want to become pregnant and increase your chances of concieving. Maybe you just want to become body literate.

For all this, Fertility Awareness is can be a handy tool. But how do you get started?

“Fertility Awareness encourages us to value and trust the knowledge provided by our own bodies”

Toni Weschler

A Step By Step List to Start Using Fertility Awareness

1. First step is to decide on a method to use – there are many different kinds. Some of the most popular are called Sensiplan and Billings. While Billings require an instructor, Sensiplan and other sympto-thermal methods can be self taught. You have to find a manual for your chosen method to make sure you follow their rule set.

2. Consider working with an instructor or educator in your chosen method, especially if you want to use it as birth control. The efficacy studies that concluded Sensiplan being 99.6% effective were made with couples who had worked with a certified educator (and we dont know what we dont know).

3. Get a basal body thermometer. A normal fever thermometer wont do. It needs to show to decimals, fx 36,24 instead of 36,3.

4. Join the facebook groupFertility Awareness Method of Birth Control

5. Download a charting app. My personal favorite for many reasons (data privacy, just like a paper chart on your phone, incredible team behind it, just to mention a few) is “Read Your Body

6. Start charting and if you are self teaching, stay protected for at least the first three cycles!

7. And most important – ask, read and ask more!

Happy charting!

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