Hi! I am Anna Sofie. I have always been interested in female health, and actually started studying my bachelor in nutrition because I was impressed by how we could influence and improve chronic diseases and physical wellbeing by lifestyle changes.

I first learned about Fertility Awareness when I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill (after one and a half year of side effects I was not too happy with).

The more I knew, the more surprised I was that I had never known this information. That I could actually understand my body so well, with actions that seemed so simple (a cheap basal body thermometer and checking the quality of cervical fluid). That I could see potential hormonal inbalances on my chart and tell the exact day my period would arrive, even though my cycle length was never the same. It made so much sense to me, so I decided to become a Fertility Awareness Educator.

Education, Certifications & Languages

I have a BSc in Nutrition from Denmark where I am from, and am currently studying my second year of MSc Public Health at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Here I am busy with my thesis which is a research project on Menstrual Health in Spain.

I am a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator since summer 2020 from Natural Family Planning Teachers Associoation United Kingdom and in November 2020 I am starting the Sensiplan Teacher Training which I will finish sometime in 2021. Sensiplan is currently the only sympto-thermal method that has made good quality research on the efficacy of their method. This training will therefore ensure that when I teach, it will be the method with 99.6% efficacy.

I am also taking a comprehensive course on herbs which will eventually give the certification Certified Women’s Herbal Educator. Since many clients ask me about different herbs, their impact on the reproductive system and what to use for different cycle issues, I needed more knowledge on the safety of different herbs. This will enable me to guide all clients who have cycles on herbs for reproductive issues.

I speak three languages – Danish, English and Spanish. Feel free to contact me in the language you are most comfortable with.