Body Literacy 101 is the course I was looking for…

… when I was learning how to use the sympto-thermal method. We will do 6 one on one session over the course of 5 months to make sure that when we finish, you feel confident that you can evaluate your bio indicators and use that in the way you like – to avoid a pregnancy, to achieve a pregnancy or to get health insights via your cycle. It has even been said that the cycle should be considered a vital sign on health – it can give us so much information!

I truly recommend Anna Sofie to help you with difficulties with your fertility / PCOS, to understand your own body and to help you through all the phases of your cycles.

Former client

Who is Body Literacy 101 for?

It is for you if you want

  • Full bodily autonomy – you are 100% in control ⁠
  • To be body literate (you literally learn to understand and read your body)⁠
  • A method that can be used throughout all your life (avoiding pregnancy, optimising chances of conception, post-partum, menopause)⁠
  • A helping hand in diagnosing health issues⁠
  • To optimise your chances of pregnancy
  • To avoid pregnancy naturally with 99.6% efficacy
  • To know and understand what is happening in your body⁠
  • No wonky side effects ⁠
  • An affordable contraception (once you have finished the initial learning and bought your thermometer you do not have to spend more money on contraception, EVER)
  • To always know when your period arrives (no more “late” periods!!)⁠
  • To know if you are ovulating or have low progesterone because you are having trouble becoming pregnant
  • To not rely on any outside factor (doctor/device/algorithm) ever again when you know it, you know it.

All the practical stuff

To start Body Literacy 101, you need to book a non-binding 15 min free call with me. Any questions you might have we can talk about in the call, or you can contact me through the form below.

The price of 399,99 euros includes:

  • 5 months full on support
  • Hands on experience in using the sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness
  • Confidence to naturally avoid pregnancy without hormones with 99.6% efficacy
  • 1 year free access to the Read Your Body charting app
  • Knowledge on how to optimise your chances of conceiving
  • 6 one:one sessions where work specifically with your cycle in the context of your life
  • Handbook with all the take-away points from our sessions + the rules of the method
  • Nutritional, herbal and medical guidance on any hormonal imbalances we might observe from charting your cycle
  • Confidence in using this method for the life stage your are in

Anna Sofie is such a wonderful and helpful person who will answer all your questions with respect and passion. And will teach you all that you want and need to know.

Former client

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